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NY and CT Innocence Project team up with Hoda Investigations in getting Alfred Swinton released  on June 8, 2017 after 18 years in prison.


what our clients have to say

“Thanks John for your great work.”

Nate Nasser, Attorney
Ventura Law 

“He’s my favorite investigator!”

Bill Bloss, Attorney Koskoff, Koskoff & Beider

“Thanks John. What you’ve done is excellent”
Tara Knight, Attorney
Knight & Cerritielli

” I have known John Hoda for over 20 years and have made regular and ongoing assignments to his firm. He always delivers on time and under budget. John Hoda’s enthusiasm for the work is obvious and I would unhesitatingly recommend him for your most serious cases”.

Dennis Laccavole, Attorney
Law office of Goldstein & Peck

What makes us
the best choice

Hoda Investigations specializes in Personal Injury, Insurance Defense, Criminal Defense, Probate and Family Law with an expertise in Statement-Taking, Locating Witnesses, Forensic Genealogy and Surveillance.

  • We provide Flat Rate Pricing
  • Simple Billing Process
  • Provide Training for Investigators Internationally
  • Former Board Member of NALI & CALPI
  • Certified Legal Investigator & Fraud Examiner
  • 20 years of Experience in Training Investigators
Do You Have Any Questions?
Who is your clientele?
We provide investigative services for active trial attorneys throughout the state. Robert Adelman, Koskoff’s offices, Goldstein & Peck, Knight & Cerritelli , Trantolo & Trantolo are just several of our everyday clients.. They constantly tell us that they pleasantly surprised with our results and the creative ways we achieve them.
Where is your offices located?
We are centrally located in Milford, CT; however, your office is our billing point for travel and mileage when the assignment is closer to you.
How long does it take to complete an assignment?
Most of our cases are solved in under two weeks. We report regularly so that you never worry about our progress. We have the stamina for long-term and complex cases. We usually provide updates by phone or email. A final report and billing completes the assignment. Expense control is important, however results win cases. We understand your objectives and strive to meet and exceed your expectations.
How do you bill?
Most assignments fall into our attractive flat rate pricing. Years of honing our processes and employing the latest developments in technology allow us to pass on the savings to you. We will brainstorm your case and establish a budget and time frame for completion. Hourly rates are dependent on urgency, complexity and by what has already been done on the case.
Are you retired Law Enforcement?
The Owner has prior law enforcement background along with 38 years of investigations experience He is a former Claims Manager with AIG and understands policy language and claims adjustment processes. We have to provide consistent, responsive and quality investigations every day for our business to survive and thrive. Our senior investigator has 15 years of experience in criminal defense, insurance, defense and personal injury
How do you stay current?
We travel to Investigative conferences several times a year and network with other investigators from throughout the world. The owner writes regularly for PI Magazine and is a webinar presenter for i-Sight and the National Association of Public Defenders.
John A. Hoda is a trainer of Investigators and has created online training courses and DVDs on Investigative Interviewing.
Contact Us
if you have questions, we have answers, call, email or send a letter
John A. Hoda
John A. Hoda is a police trained, college educated former claims manager (AIG) and former SIU investigator. His cases have made the headlines of the Philadelphia Inquirer and New Haven Register. He continues to be a widely published author, presenter and trainer in Cognitive Interviewing. He has served as the Northeast Regional Director of the National Association of Legal Investigators and on the Board of the CT Assoc. Licensed Private Investigators. He has created the DVD: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements.
John M. Hoda
John M. Hoda has 15 years of prior investigative experience. He brings specialized knowledge to Hoda Investigations in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, medical malpractice, and insurance fraud investigations.  In running his two prior investigative practices, John has developed a particular competency in, statement taking, honing his skills in New York City while collecting evidence for trial attorneys. This affinity has led to an affiliation with the Connecticut Innocence Project.  John has frequently been asked to share this knowledge with national investigative specialty groups, most recently at the LPDAM conference in Natick, MA, training both seasoned and new investigators on leveraging technology to not only gather facts needed for trial but how to enhance traditional statement taking.


We’re Experts with Decades of Experience. We will find the facts to make your case, locate the witnesses you need to find, manage your investigation so that nothing gets missed and deliver on the stand with compelling testimony.
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